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Painted steel structure
- exclusive fiu ® design
H - 40cm height
supports plants of size M, P or mini orchids
The two images represent the same structure, but seen from two different positions
Diversas Estruturas Fios
Estrutura Pequena, Média e Grande
Pirâmide com mini suculenta
Pirâmide M
Estruturas Fios - Pequenas, Médias e Grande
Pirâmide Média
Pirâmide mini e M
Estrutura Média e Pequena
Piramide fios XXL

Note: All our pyramids are handmade. Available in gold and silver.
We also do custom size - Bespoke.

standard sizes
Mini Pyramid - 22cm
Pyramid M - 50cm
Pyramid XXl - 100cm

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