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About Us...

The art of taking plants to the next level

Our history

We are a couple and work together on the project Wires  Suspended Gardens®.

Our passion for indoor and outdoor plants and decoration means that we are always innovating and finding  nova forma  and different from the usual to create the harmony of your homes, commercial spaces and events.

We believe that caring for plants  brings many benefits to our mind. Care and work with plants is something that brings us peace, joy and pleasure.

After 10 years of existence marked by the gradual and sustainable growth of Fiu, based on the strategy of developing new markets, products and services, the natural need to renew our visual identity and operational structure is born.

A new structure reinforced in its solidary mission, conscious and intervening in the main environmental, social and economic causes:

- In raising awareness of existing problems of integration and social inequality, through the promotion of solidarity initiatives.
-In permanently raising the most demanding standards of quality and excellence of products and services that have made us notable and that we will continue to seek to innovate in an economically and environmentally sustainable way;
-In strengthening relationships of trust with suppliers and customers, pillars of an ecosystem whose cooperation, motivation, perseverance and daily commitment of all the people who integrate it, are at the base of our growth.

From the initial singularity, the plurality of our new identity is born…

Hanging Gardens Wires


Who we are?

Kokedamas FIU Jardins Suspensos.jpg

Rui  Salgado

Telma BP.png

Telma de Gouveia

CFO& Head of Sales & Marketing & Biofilc Designer

Rui is the pair of hands behind the most elegant kokedamas in Porto (and the country) - those from Fios  Jardins Suspensos®, a brand that was born in 2021,rebranding of the first FIU Jardins Suspensos project, was born in 2012 and since then has not stopped gaining recognition.


Graduated in Landscape Architecture, Rui is a key player in choosing the best species for the right places.

Rui is an outgoing person with an optimistic and positive personality and a professional and dedicated attitude. 

"My desk is a little out of the ordinary and I love it! No pens or tablets, no sheets and staplers. Yes, there are plants (many plants), moss, needles, “cobbler” threads, cotton thread, nails, pliers, brass tubes, cardboard boxes!  

 "Although it is my “work”, I see it more as a personal therapy, which I can no longer do without, and which makes me grow a lot as a person!"

In mid-2018, a kind of “revolution” took place in Wires  Jardins Suspensos® with input from Telma. 

It is who is behind social networks and who responds to all your emails and messages.

Graduated in Social and Management Sciences and with a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management and later training in Digital Marketing is an asset in contact with people and sales and marketing management.

Natural from Madeira Island, so the contact with plants and nature was always in his life.

"A born saleswoman, with an unusual appetite for attracting customers and managing social networks. I found the perfect partner for this journey of mine, because he manages to be even a little more “sick” than I am when it comes to work! 


This allowed me to have more time for production and, consequently, for the creative part that I was so lacking.


She is then responsible for the entire administrative part, and I for the most "practical" and productive part.." - By Rui Salgado.

Recently he dedicated himself to a new Biophilia Design project, a new trend of decoration with nature.


Create Living Pictures with Preserved Moss&Plants.


The moss and preserved plants give life and color to any space, conveying that feeling of peace and satisfaction that nature provides.


All of our Living Boards tell a story or are inspired by nature itself.


Each piece is distinct and unique!

Here nature is transmitted in the form of art! 

Some of our customers

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