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What is a Kokedama?





Ancient Japanese technique that consists of working the plants by wrapping their clod in moss. Based on the ancestral technique of Bonsai, where the vase is replaced by a sphere of moss.

It is the manual construction of molding the roots of the plant and suspending it.

The term means ball (lady) of moss (koke). Behind the construction of a Kokedama prevails the Japanese conceptwabi sabi,which can be translated as the appreciation of imperfection in Nature and acceptance of natural beauty. It is contemplative art being a symbol of simplicity, beautiful, imperfect, organic and natural.


Fios  Jardins Suspensos® is a company dedicated to the transformation of plants, through the reconversion of an ancient Japanese technique, which involves a sophisticated manual molding of the earth and its roots by a layer of moss - kokedamas - and its wrapping with wires, the result of which is an elegant and different alternative for hanging plants indoors or outdoors. 

Wire Hanging Gardens® is arebrandingby the FIU Jardins Suspensos® brand  an idea that was born in 2012, materializing in January 2013. 

Fios is inspired by the beauty and purity of the Kokedama technique, where plants are worked by wrapping their clod/roots in moss. Elevating the plants to a higher level, allows an elegant and interesting decoration with plants.

Associated with new trends in interior decoration with plants, where more and more attempts are being made to transpose the wild outdoor garden to the interior of the house - biophilia.

Recently, after capturing the attention of Westerners, recreations of this technique have added an added value to the effect that plants make possible, by suspending the root ball/clod and suspending them. Giving us a different view than usualhouseplant, was inspired by this “new” image that this project came up with. 


The particularity of this project is related to the fact that it works with vegetation at a different level than usual - it allows the filling of interior and exterior spaces that are not usually occupied by plants. Suspended at various levels, the compositions of FIOS kokedamas gain more expression when in greater numbers, that is, in sets.

These living structures are low-maintenance, since the plants “enveloped” by this technique need less regular watering than plants in ordinary pots. The kokedamas from FIOS Jardins Suspensos®   do not need special care compared to other potted plants. All plants are accompanied by a maintenance leaflet, so that there are no doubts when watering them and choosing where to place them.

We provide personalized service and follow-up to help you find the most suitable plants for your space.

The possibilities for decorating interior spaces are numerous, we can “play” with the three-dimensionality of these installations and “spray” them through unused spaces. They differ from other plants, normally placed on a stable and flat base. Another added value of these green structures is their portability: they are easily transferable from one room to another and easily swapped between them. The spherical shape of the root ball itself is not common in pots. The FIOS kokedamas are designed with the purpose of being hung, however they can simply be placed on tables, shelves, windows, or even with our pyramids.


For plant lovers we have also developed our Living Boards, in wooden frame ideal to enrich your decor together with your FIOS kokedamas.

We also developed the didactic and knowledge sharing part. in conducting workshops. To learn more clickhere.

FIOS kokedamas are unique!

 This product is handmade and that's why each one is unique.

We are the ambassadors of kokedamas in Portugal. We have more experience and knowledge than anyone else, and that translates and is reflected in the perfection of our product and theconscience sustainable:

  • FIOS assumes environmental responsibility, favoring sustainable materials. 

  • It also assumes social responsibility, with only national partnerships.

  • The yarn used is a partnership with a supplier of the footwear industry  who are indead stock,since they cannot be used, FIOS breathes new life - circular economy.

  • The wooden logs used in the paintings are offered by Nature.

  • The bases  and cork boards are a sustainable, ecological and biodegradable product made 100% in Portugal.

Contact us through ouremailortelephone contactto help you choose your order.

Your plant can arrive at your home or as a gift to a friend or family member with a personalized message.

tangerineira fios jardins suspensos.jpg
tangerineira fios jardins suspensos.jpg

Our Mission and Commitment

Continuing to contribute to having a niche of customers who are aware of the importance of preserving the environment around us.


I appeal to the notion of imminent environmental impact, sometimes in a somewhat “raw” way, but deep down they realize that something is not right and do something to try to change it.


We believe that sustainability is the basis of our growth, which is why all plants are carefully chosen, all materials are top quality, the techniques used, all of themoptimized  to create a better end product.

We believe in creating lasting and meaningful design that adds value and contributes to a healthier planet.

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